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Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection

Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection

To ensure their reliability, fire alarm systems must be tested, inspected and maintained.  All fire alarm systems must be tested and inspected annually per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72.

Signal Systems helps our customers with required annual fire alarm system testing and inspection which conforms to the NFPA code requirements.  We also perform semi-annual or quarterly fire alarm system testing for some customers based on their needs and insurance requirements.

Fire alarm systems consist of much more than smoke detectors on the ceilings or a fire annunciator panel in the front of your building.  Many elements of fire alarm systems are out of sight.  During a routine annual fire alarm system inspection, the various components of your fire alarm system are exercised and tested to make sure they’re all in good working order.  This includes all of the manual pull stations; alert/alarm methods (strobes and horns); smoke and heat detectors; duct detectors; annunciator panels; the main alarm panel along with any communications sub-panels; and battery backup supplies.

Fire sprinkler systems must also be annually tested and inspected per national fire code.  Signal Systems can test and inspect the fire sprinkler system and associated equipment (fire pump, water flow, back flow, hydrants, etc.) on an annual basis.  Signal will also test and inspect all fire extinguishers at your location so that you remain code compliant.  We can perform both fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspections on the same day to reduce any disruption to your business.

Having working fire systems installed in your building saves lives. According to the NFPA, properly maintained fire alarms increase the chance of survival by as much as 50 percent.  If you want to ensure the safety of your facility, coworkers and employees by having a fire alarm system inspection, call Signal Systems today!